Prefabricated modular structures
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  • Easy assembly and installation of structures
  • Providing comfortable conditions for living in a complex climate
  • Complexes that meet all the requirements of quality and safety
  • The ability to quickly deploy a shift complex and place the equipment under awning hangars

Fuel bladder tanks

Виниловое покрытиеWe are presenting polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fuel and water tanks. The innovative technology of the material permits to place the tanks in the open, efficiently mount and dismount them, after the site is fully developed. The material is designed to be used in the Arctic. An additional option is placing a tank within a PVC fencing, to meet ecological requirements. We can offer a wide range of the tank sizes.

ПВХ ёмкости для хранения топлива и водыYou can single-handedly mount it within an hour and exploit it for the next 15 years.

НOur company suggests that you keep pace with innovative technologies, be a mobile, cutting-edge business! These tanks are the most efficient solution for fuel and water storage during geological works and new deposit mining! It's tight, handy, and mobile!

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    Fuel storage bladder tank

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    Fuel storage bladder tank

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    Fuel storage bladder tank

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