Prefabricated modular structures
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  • Easy assembly and installation of structures
  • Providing comfortable conditions for living in a complex climate
  • Complexes that meet all the requirements of quality and safety
  • The ability to quickly deploy a shift complex and place the equipment under awning hangars
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Food Service Equipment

We have been providing food service and Laundromat equipment since 2005.  We have earned our reputation of a reliable and knowledgeable partner in the area of selecting and supplying every type of food service and Laundromat . 

We are a preferred supplier of equipment and parts for the Polymetall company.  Our clients also include city schools and remote sites.

We supply food service equipment by such worldwide brands as ELECTROLUX, JOSPER, SCOTSMAN, HAMILTON BEACH, BRAVILOR BONAMAT, SANTOS, as well as such popular brands in Russia as GAM, QUALITY ESPESSO, ROBOT COUPE, SMEG, TECNOINOX, UNIS, VEMA. We can also supply equipment by all the Russian manufacturers, that keep optimizing their products year on year.

We provide equipment maintenance and servicing both within and beyond manufacturer's warranty term.

We supply all types of food service equipment: from every type of commercial kitchen appliance to furniture, both high-end and budget, and other interior elements for cafes, restaurants and remote site cafeterias.

We can provide custom-built equipment for any food service business, including technological types, such as refrigeration or heating.

We can supply equipment based on the client's detailed specs or we can design the project based on client's needs.

The equipment is delivered via air
transport or in an assembled container.

We offer a complete range of food service equipment and products for every need. One of our very popular products is the Cambro brand polycarbonate tableware with 15 years of useful life. The other popular product is Tork brand dispensers. We always carry dispensers for toilet paper, seat covers, liquid soap, paper towels and the spare parts for this type of dispensers.

Our products will help you add style and comfort to your offices and remote sites!

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