Prefabricated modular structures
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  • Easy assembly and installation of structures
  • Providing comfortable conditions for living in a complex climate
  • Complexes that meet all the requirements of quality and safety
  • The ability to quickly deploy a shift complex and place the equipment under awning hangars
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Cleaning Unit

We will help you:

create a welcoming atmosphere in your workplace by:

  • providing daily cleaning of office spaces and common areas;
  • installing and refilling all types of manual and automatic dispensers.

Have strict cleaning requirements?

Looking for impeccable cleaning services?

You can rely on our Cleaning Unit to meet your demands.

We have been providing office cleaning services and remote site catering since 2002.

Services offered by the Cleaning Unit of the «Anroud Catering» company:

Complete daily cleaning of office spaces ;
Post-construction building cleanup;
Outside window and facade cleaning;
Flooring and carpeting care;
Chemical cleaning of carpeting, as well as upholstered and leather office furniture;
Cleaning crew outsourcing;
Supplying and selling Tork brand cleaning supplies and hygiene products.

We guarantee the highest quality of our cleaning services!
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