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We have been providing cargo transportation services throughout Magadan region, Chukotka and Yakutia since 2004.

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Types of cargo we transport:

Overweight and oversize cargo

. This category covers any overweight or oversize object, the technical specs or other characteristics of which do not allow to transport it using any standard option, such as a covered truck or a closed container. There are many types of oversize cargo that fall into several categories. The cargo is considered overweight when it exceeds any of the axis or connecting point weight limits specified by the corresponding regulations for such vehicle.

  • 20-ft and
    40-ft containers
  • Fuel
  • Dangerous goods,

The company owns heated and secure warehouse facillities and a container site in Magadan.

Additionally, we have small-size truck vehicles to provide on-demand delivery of foodstuffs and other materials to our Clients.

We provide the local operator service that includes tracking the cargo through Magadan port and organizing its further transportation.

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